Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Story Outline and Full Treatment

Story Outline
A lone humanoid brain conductor stands in the center of a large organic dome containing a stage. The brain conductor walks to his music stand and starts up a quartet of organ musicians resembling the heart, intestines, lungs and stomach. As the orchestra begins to play a mane wakes up and begins to get out of his bed to start his morning routine. As the man goes through his routine, the organs give a solo performance that motivates whatever the man is doing in his routine. The stomach begins plays a low, rumbling solo while the man eats a bowl of cereal. The lungs sing in a heavenly, operatic voice while the man sings a cacophonous tune in the shower. As the man begins to awaken, the orchestra becomes more lively an the chamber in which they perform begins to vibrate with energy. The action all culminates with the man putting on his work attire and heading out the door synced to sweeping musical hits from the organ symphony.

Full Treatment

This will be a humorous exploration of the rather ironic reality that we as humans often don't realize all of the parts of the body that mus work together in order for us to do even the simplest tasks. The animation will follow the beats and rhythms of a classical music score and be paced according to the timing of the music. This will be much like the full animated movement in Disney's "Fantasia." As each organ gives its individual performance, the music will match the sound and attitude of the organ performing. The environment of the organ musicians will be composed of abstract watercolor washes containing warm colors. The actual space with these environments will be created through ink lines. The organ characters themselves will be contained by an uneven ink line. The outside world of the man will be very geometric and composed of vector based shapes with neutral color palettes of browns and grays. The design will be similar to the illustrations of Hans Devolder.

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