Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Animatic with Sound

The Symphony of Life from Grant Harwell on Vimeo.

Visual Research

Scene Design

Character Designs


Production Schedule

Spring 2010 Create Layouts, Finalize Character Design, and Arrange Musical Compostions

Fall 2010

Week 1 Begin Key Poses for Rough Animation

Week 2 Finish Key Poses and Start Breakdowns

Week 3 Breakdowns

Week 4 Inbetween Rough Animation

Week 5 Inbetweening

Week 6 Inbetweening

Week 7 Inbetweening

Week 8 Inbetweening

Week 9 Inbetweening

Week 10 Finish Rough Animation

Winter 2011

Week 1 Start Cleaning Up Animation

Week 2 Clean Up Animation

Week 3 Clean Up Animation

Week 4 Clean Up Animation

Week 5 Start Coloring Animation

Week 6 Coloring

Week 7 Coloring

Week 8 Coloring

Week 9 Final Editing and Compositing

Week 10 Finish Editing, Composting, and Publish Film

Shot List

Shot List

Sequence 1: A slimy organic cavern that resembles a concert hall. A lone conductor resembling
a brain stands on the stage of the hall.

Shot 1 MS: A conductor resembling a humanoid brain walks up to a music stand and taps the
music stand to start a piece of music. At the start of his conducting, four humanoid musicians
resembling a heart, lungs, intestines, and a stomach begin to play themselves as instruments.

Sequence 2: A rather barren apartment with a man sleeping in his bed.

Shot 2 MCU: A man awakens from his bed and yawns.

Sequence 3: The same organic concert hall containing the brain conductor and the organ

Shot 3 WS pan to MS: The conductor motions to the heart and he begins a slow steady drum

Sequence 4: The barren apartment

Shot 4 MCU: The man sleepily rolls to the side of the bed and slowly puts his feet on the ground.
The man notices his slippers and begins to slowly move his feet towards them to place them
on his feet.

Sequence 4: The organ concert hall

Shot 5 WS zoom to CU: The organ orchestra continues to play. The organ musicians turn to
look at the stomach who begins play a solo.

Shot 6 CU: The stomach begins to sway and play low, plodding tune.

Shot 7 WS: As the stomach plays, he is transported to a chamber containing horn-like tubes
attached to the walls. The stomach dances around and arouses the horns on the walls to play
along with him.

Sequence 5: The sparse kitchen of the barren apartment.

Shot 8 MS: The man is sitting eating cereal at a table. His eyes are still squinted in sleep.

Sequence 6: The organic concert hall

Shot 9 WS Worms Eye: The organ orchestra is playing a livelier tune.

Shot 10 MCU: The lungs begin to compress and swell to operatic singing.

Shot 11 EWS: The lungs soar around the organic concert chamber as the opera vocals sore
higher and higher.

Sequence 7: The shower the apartment bathroom

Shot 12 MS: The man is singing a cachophonous slew of pitches as he washes himself in
the shower.

Sequence 8: The organ concert hall

Shot 13 WS Track in to MCU: The orchestra moves to the side as the bladder stands center stage
holding a sustained note.

Sequence 9: A bathroom containing a single toilet.

Shot 14 MS: The man stands at the toilet urinating. He zips up his pants once he has finished
his business.

Sequence 10: The organ concert hall

Shot 15 CU: The bladder continues to hold its note then stops and takes a bow.

Shot 16 MS: The conductor rears back and throws his body forward as the music swells to a
dynamic high.

Shot 17 EWS: The concert hall begins to pulsate and ripple with the intensity of the music.

Sequence 11: A room in the apartment containing a mirror and the organ concert hall.

Shot 18 MS: The man pulls his sleeve down briskly as he puts on his shirt.

Shot 19 MS: A quick cut is made back to organs playing and swaying with great vigor.

Shot 20 Cut-In: The man buttons up his shirt.

Shot 21 WS: Another more rapid cut shows the organs playing with increased intensity. They rise as
they play to three big musical hits.

Shot 22 MS Pan: The man checks his attire in the mirror and then walks briskly to the door.

Shot 23 CU Cutaway: A door slams shut and the music abruptly concludes. The credits roll as the
music begins a reprise that slowly becomes more audible.

Story Outline and Full Treatment

Story Outline
A lone humanoid brain conductor stands in the center of a large organic dome containing a stage. The brain conductor walks to his music stand and starts up a quartet of organ musicians resembling the heart, intestines, lungs and stomach. As the orchestra begins to play a mane wakes up and begins to get out of his bed to start his morning routine. As the man goes through his routine, the organs give a solo performance that motivates whatever the man is doing in his routine. The stomach begins plays a low, rumbling solo while the man eats a bowl of cereal. The lungs sing in a heavenly, operatic voice while the man sings a cacophonous tune in the shower. As the man begins to awaken, the orchestra becomes more lively an the chamber in which they perform begins to vibrate with energy. The action all culminates with the man putting on his work attire and heading out the door synced to sweeping musical hits from the organ symphony.

Full Treatment

This will be a humorous exploration of the rather ironic reality that we as humans often don't realize all of the parts of the body that mus work together in order for us to do even the simplest tasks. The animation will follow the beats and rhythms of a classical music score and be paced according to the timing of the music. This will be much like the full animated movement in Disney's "Fantasia." As each organ gives its individual performance, the music will match the sound and attitude of the organ performing. The environment of the organ musicians will be composed of abstract watercolor washes containing warm colors. The actual space with these environments will be created through ink lines. The organ characters themselves will be contained by an uneven ink line. The outside world of the man will be very geometric and composed of vector based shapes with neutral color palettes of browns and grays. The design will be similar to the illustrations of Hans Devolder.

Synopsis and Abreviated Treatment


As a man awakens and goes about his daily morning routine, he is unaware of the complex
and intricate performance his body must give in order for him to function.


“The Symphony of Life” will be an experience in melding music with animation that will serveas a rediscovery of how beautifully intricate and lyrical the body can be.

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